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Brianna Tang, Interim Physiotherapist

Brianna graduated from McMaster’s Physiotherapy Program in 2023 and received her Bachelor’s of Kinesiology from UBC. Brianna also worked in California as part of her program, where she learned from Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Brianna uses manual therapy, cupping, IASTM, and modalities (eg. NEMS and TENS) as part of her holistic treatment plan. She is a strong believer in active rehabilitation and will work with you to create a personalized program. She is proficient in return to sport and return to activities of daily living.

Brianna also has a passion for working with children and took a pediatrics elective to learn more about conditions in babies and children, which was supplemented by her work at McMaster’s Children’s Hospital.

Outside of clinic, Brianna is a professional bowler and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing and paddle boarding.

Hyehyun (Stella) Back, RMT

Hyehyun (Stella) Back graduated Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.

Throughout her clinical experience, Stella has not only witnessed the transformative benefits of massage therapy but also developed a deep interest and passion for her work. She is dedicated to providing clients with therapeutic treatments that alleviate physical distress.

Stella works with her patients to understand how to seek relief from discomfort or pain through utilizing a thorough assessment method.

In her spare time, Stella enjoys taking landscape pictures, eating Korean food, or watching Youtube.

Techniques: Trigger Point Release, Deep Tissue, Active Release, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Joint Mobilization

Jeremy Mager, RMT

Jeremy graduated from Evolve College of Massage Therapy in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As a lifelong athlete, Jeremy enjoys learning about anatomy, physiology, and exercise science principles, then implementing them on himself when training for sport.

With a year of massage therapy experience, Jeremy utilizes a biopsychosocial scope of practice, in hopes to understand his clients’ needs and factors contributing to their pain and discomfort. As a therapist, Jeremy believes education, movement, and goal setting is the key to long term client success.

When he’s not at work, you can find Jeremy at a local climbing gym or crag, or wandering trails with his dog, Daisy.

Corey Chan, RMT

Corey completed his undergrad at the University of Manitoba, graduating with a B.A. Honors in criminology. He completed all his pre-req’s for physiotherapy but ultimately decided to pursue firefighting.

After completing his training, he suffered several setbacks through injuries. Corey always had a passion in sports, the human body, and fitness and ultimately realized that his end goal was to affect positive change in his community. Realizing he did not have to be a firefighter to affect positive change, he ultimately decided to pursue massage therapy.

Inspired by the practitioners that helped him get back into sports and physical fitness, he applied and started his path at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2021. His passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle can be seen through his hobbies that include climbing, basketball, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and so many more.

He has suffered many injuries through his time in basketball and jiu jitsu and understands how frustrating it can be to work their way back from serious injuries.

Corey hopes to help people live a pain free lifestyle without the fear of getting injured. He hopes he can spread positivity and awareness to each person’s own body and health.

Techniques: Movement based therapy, PNF stretching, neuromuscular techniques, Swedish massage & more

Languages: English, Cantonese

Shivas Singh, RMT

Shivas has completed his Diploma in Massage Therapy from Vancouver Career College. His tenacity and adeptness in learning and understanding the human anatomy and the musculoskeletal system have become one of his strongest qualities.

Shivas takes a patient-centred approach when treating patients who present with various conditions, such as a wide variety of sports injuries, work-related injuries, and other ailments. He also provides comprehensive treatment plans with the main focus on rehabilitation and self-care. Sharing his knowledge and insight that may help the community, through massage and rehabilitation. 

Shivas aims to help you with pain management and normal recovery by restoring day-to-day activities to help them get back to doing what enjoy most.

Outside of studying and treating clients Shivas enjoys hiking, snowboarding, weightlifting, kickboxing, and cycling.

Techniques: Trigger Point Release, Fascial, Swedish

Languages Spoken: English, Conversational Punjabi

Michael Conte, RMT, B.Kin

Michael has always had a keen interest in human anatomy, physiology and athletic performance, and has completed his Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. During his time as a Kinesiologist, he has worked with a wide variety of people from all age ranges with various orthopedic injuries, medical conditions and physical fitness levels. 

He decided to pursue a career as an RMT as a natural continuation to his exercise science education, leading him to complete the massage therapy diploma program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. He is also a certified personal trainer with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology.

Michael is a firm believer that patients must take charge of their own recovery. He strives to provide each patient with the confidence and tools necessary to actively participate in the rehab process both inside the clinic and on their own at home. He has an active treatment style that is a blend of his kinesiology and massage therapy training, utilizing a combination of manual therapy techniques and corrective exercise prescription as part of each treatment session.

Techniques: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilization, Swedish Massage, Corrective Exercise.

Areas of Focus: Orthopedic & Sports Injury Rehab, Post Surgical Rehab, ICBC/MVA’s, Repetitive Stress/Overuse Conditions.

Instagram: @mconte_rmt

Elton Chen, RMT

Elton is a consistent and thoughtful learner who likes to focus on the details of your specific complaints. He takes tailored approach because every patient comes in with a unique set of circumstances. He uses an in depth assessment to identify underlying contributing factors to your discomforts. 

Elton understands the many challenges people experience during rehab. Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) was an important part of his recovery process after a work-related injury. The hands-on approach led him to a speedy recovery and inspired him to pursue RMT as a career.

Sport and exercise have been an important aspect of Elton’s life as he grew up playing volleyball and competitive swimming. Elton sets his patients up for success by creating a caring and patient-centered approach in order to get you back to doing what you love.

Outside of treating patients, Elton stays up-to-date researching innovative ways to holistically improve well-being through specific corrective exercise and relaxation techniques.

Techniques: Swedish Massage, Joint Mobilization, Myofascial Release, Corrective Exercise.

Instagram: @eltoncrmt

Danny Vu, RMT

Danny graduated from Langara College in 2019. He is an active individual who is passionate about combat sports and many other sports such as tennis, basketball, swimming, golf, and soccer, so he is very aware of the common injuries that come along from being physically active. 

He also sympathizes greatly for those who experience aches and pains that may come from a stressful or sedentary relationship with life. 

His style of treatment is fluid and consists of active techniques with a relaxing flow of breathwork and Swedish techniques that help recalibrate the nervous system and improving circulation to areas that feel restricted or energy blocked.

Danny is also Level 1 Certified for Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) which identifies over facilitated and inhibited muscle patterns. He also uses muscle scraping techniques learned in a level 1 Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques (IASTM) education course.

Techniques: Swedish Massage, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT Level 1), Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques (IASTM)

Instagram: @dv.rmt

Erin Gibb, Registered Physiotherapist. MPT, MSc PHPY.

Erin completed both a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology and Pharmacology and a Masters degree in Physiotherapy in her hometown at the University of Saskatchewan. She holds further certification in IMS dry needling, concussion and vestibular rehabilitation, and clinical pilates.

Erin has worked as a physiotherapist alongside various sports teams including football, soccer, figure skating and the Canadian Olympic Snowboard team. Erin is passionate about working with clients to get them back to doing the things they love. She has a special interest in ACL rehabilitation and working with the adolescent population. When not treating patients, you can find Erin outdoors biking, running, hiking, swimming, snowboarding, or travelling.

Patrick O’Flaherty, Registered Physiotherapist. BSc PT. MRSc.

Patrick is an experienced clinical and sports physiotherapist having graduated from the University of Bradford in 2012. Since then, he has gained experience working pitch side with professional athletes in rugby and gaelic football in the UK and Ireland. His clinical experience includes working with a wide range of orthopedic and neurological patients. He has extensive training and specialization in concussion treatment, dizziness, vertigo and vestibular rehabilitation.

Patrick has recently completed his MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia where he undertook research examining the influence of exercise on functional brain measures in concussion. He has presented and attended at national and international conferences in concussion and continues to keep up to speed with the latest research and evidence-based practice.

Patrick follows a holistic approach to treatment with a focus involving a biopsychosocial approach to improve outcomes and safely return patients and athletes to their chosen activity or sport. He incorporates a variety of therapeutic interventions such as manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation and exercise prescription. Patrick is a strong proponent of patient education and believes in empowering patients through effective communication.

Patrick is very active in his spare time and plays rugby and gaelic football competitively, as well as enjoying running, weight lifting and playing his guitar.

Instagram: @physio_pad


Gordan Quan, B.Kin (Kinesiologist)

Gordan graduated with a Bachelors of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia. He started learning about human movement through resistance training as a hobby. This sparked his interest to pursue a career as a Kinesiologist.

He believes in addressing the root problem of issues by following an integrated approach that takes account of the entire body instead of isolating parts. His main focuses are exercise rehabilitation, gait, and posture training.

With his fair share of injuries from weightlifting, Gordan understands the complexity of rehabilitation and will work diligently with you to solve your problems. He will support you along your journey to improve your health.

Instagram: @gq.kin

Lilli Cheung, RMT

Lilli completed her 3000 hour massage therapy program at Langara College. Before starting this program Lilli completed her Bachelors of Business Administration at the Beedie school of business but soon realized that was not where her passion was. 

She enjoys helping others participate in their activities of daily living pain-free. Her goal is to provide a relaxing yet effective treatment to all her patients to ensure a seamless recovery.

In her free time you can catch her going for runs, checking out new cafés, grocery shopping, and chasing sunsets!

Techniques: Swedish Massage, Active Modalities, Trigger Point Therapy, Active/Passive Stretching, and Neuromuscular Techniques.

Samantha Yip, RMT

Samantha is a cheerful and thoughtful individual who enjoys helping others. Prior to entering the profession, Samantha worked in the chemistry industry, but always wanted to be in healthcare. Around this time, a couple of her family members were recovering from sports related injuries. Through this process, she witnessed the benefits massage therapy.

As a result, Samantha was inspired to enter the profession and completed her education and training at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Samantha uses a thorough assessment and works with her clients to create a treatment plan.

Whether her clients aim to get back to doing the sports they love or want to relieve a nagging injury, Samantha is happy to help!

In her free time, Samantha enjoys trying new bubble tea cafes and new desserts. She is artistic and enjoys crocheting and scrapbooking.

Techniques: General Swedish massage, trigger point release, deep tendon pressure, myofascial release, active pin and stretch.

Roylan Santos, RMT

Roylan was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada when he was just 11 months old. While growing up Roylan always had a fascination with exercise and the human body. He became a personal trainer in 2017 and since then has worked with various groups of clientele for powerlifting, weight loss and injury rehab. He decided to further his capability to help others by pursuing a career as a Registered Massage Therapist and went on to graduate from Langara College’s Registered Massage Therapy Program.

Roylan’s treatments focus on designing treatment goals with his patients based on their needs for that session. From there, he narrows down key areas of treatment involving a mix of hands-on manual therapy, movement and exercise coaching. Roylan provides a realistic homecare routine to provide the tools for patients to continue their care outside of the clinic!

Outside of work, Roylan is at the gym lifting heavy weights, trying out new restaurants or even at home watching a good show or anime with his dog, Goku.

Techniques: Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Release, Joint Mobilization, Deep Tissue, Corrective Exercise

Instagram: @roylanrmt

JC Venezuela, RMT

JC believes every individual has the innate ability to heal and realign themselves with proper care and guidance.

With a treatment style that is focused on manual therapy techniques, and functional movements he is dedicated to leading every body to an individualized and pain-free state of fluid mobility.

Having completed his Massage Therapy Program at Vancouver Career College, he has several years of experience as a body worker/RMT. Driven by his interest in human biomechanics and movement, he is also certified by Brookbrush Institute in Human Movement Optimization.

Techniques: Deep tissue, trigger point release, myofascial line release, swedish massage, IASTM, functional movement coaching/training

Instagram: @jcvenezuela.rmt

Matt Leung, RMT, B.Kin

Matt completed his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and has worked as a trainer for many years. He worked with a very diverse group of clients and learned how to apply anatomical knowledge and movement for performance and injury rehab.

He decided to pursue a career as a Registered Massage Therapist after enduring many injuries throughout his years playing baseball and basketball, and also powerlifting and weightlifting. He found massage therapy to be an effective way of providing relief and recovery to these discomforts.

Matt’s treatment focuses on creating a positive therapeutic experience so that you can take charge of your health. He utilizes a thorough assessment process to narrow down the causes of discomfort. Equipping you with effective tools and knowledge about your every session is an important aspect of Matt’s approach and helps to provide value outside of the treatment room.

Techniques: Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Swedish Massage, Joint Mobilization, Corrective Exercise

Instagram: @mattleung.rmt

Kyle Chow, RMT

Kyle comes from a personal training background and a very active lifestyle. 

With over 5 years of analyzing human movement and sports biomechanics, he has grown a tremendous passion for what he does and continues to be a better therapist each day. 

With his treatment style oriented around manual therapy and movement, he chooses a more active approach to treating his patients so prepare for movement coaching with each session in addition to hands-on treatment.

Techniques: Deep Tissue, Fascial Line Work, Functional Movement Patterning, Postural Correction, Sports-Related Injuries, ICBC Injuries, Swedish Massage.

Instagram: @kc_therapeutics

Ryan Banek, RMT, B.Kin

Ryan has nearly 10 years of educational knowledge (UBC & WCCMT) related to health and exercise, and is in his 6th year of practice as an RMT.

He has suffered many sport and exercise related injuries, and understands the challenges of rehabilitation. Now having addressed most of his chronic pain through modifying lifestyle and movement patterns, he takes a proactive approach to his health and injury mitigation.

His practice incorporates a style that combines in-depth assessment and movement coaching with hands-on treatment, and an approach that focuses on creating an interesting, safe, and pleasant sensory experience. Expect to spend some time on your feet if you have a treatment with Ryan!

Techniques: Trigger point/point pressure therapy, ligamentous articular strain technique (LAST), Functional Movement Coaching, Swedish massage, and more.

Instagram: @ryanbrmt

Jamie Robinson, RMT

Jamie Robinson graduated from the intensive 3000 hour Massage Therapy program at Langara College. This program has given her the opportunity to work with a diverse array of patients. She gained her experience from Children’s Hospital, ICORD, Senior’s Centres, St John’s Hospice, Harbour Dance Studio, The Hive, and Langara Student RMT Clinic. 

Being actively involved in sports all of her life, she has experienced the benefits of massage therapy first hand. Jamie has a great appreciation for the role it plays in an athlete’s life and anyone who might need therapy. Her in-depth knowledge of injury prevention, rehabilitation and her passion to help those in need has led her to pursue a career in massage therapy.

Jamie’s focus is to individualize each treatment plan and use a variety of techniques that will aid and cater exactly to the patient’s needs. Her goal is to expand her patients’ education in stretching, strengthening techniques and changing repetitive daily activities to help the healing process.

With more than 6 years of experience, Jamie will listen to the needs of patients first then providing care that suits the patient’s needs.